‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Getting A ‘Dark’ RPG, As Opposed To All Those Cheerful ‘Game Of Thrones’ RPGs

A Game Of Thrones RPG is coming. Yes, Game Of Thrones will finally get a video game! What do you mean, there’s already an RPG from Big Bad Wolf as well as a Telltale game that just came out and a long-gestating MMORPG from Bigpoint? Shush, you. This is different. This one is “dark”, according to game studio Big Bad Wolf, so that’s totally different.

VG 24/7 reports:

Big Bad Wolf is made up of veterans of Blizzard, Cyanide and Ubisoft with the team currently working on a role-playing game based on a “new dark IP”. The studio intends to capture the essence of pen and paper RPGs using story, emotion and choice as its key design pillars.

Big Bad Wolf, who worked on an aforementioned GoT game, has said in a mission statement they’re focused on “mature, inward-looking and dark games”. Then they released two screenshots from the next Game Of Thrones RPG, which are not so much “dark” as they are “blurryass” (which is the technical term).

Really? Two screencaps ran through a blur filter?