The Verdict Is In On ‘New Girl’ Cast’s ‘People Vs OJ’ Halloween Costumes: Great!

10.31.16 1 year ago


Never has corporate synergy been so welcome. Liz Meriwether, showrunner of the FOX comedy New Girl, tweeted a photo on Halloween night of the cast dressed up as the cast of FX’s recent hit American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson. Nick is Robert Kardashian (complete with silver streak in his hair), Schmidt is Robert Shapiro (who would definitely have to add money to the douchebag jar), Jess is Marcia Clark (that perm wig!), and Winston as Christopher Darden.

Hilariously, the New Girl crew has one more primary female role than People vs OJ did so Cece ends up as Judge Lance Ito. Will she be dancing during the episode at all?

The episode isn’t actually a Halloween-themed outing since the World Series took over New Girl‘s Halloween week slot this year, so the costumed moment actually comes from the Christmas episode which will involve a flashback to late October. While only a small portion of the episode will have the characters in these costumes, that leaves more than enough time for Nick-as-Kardashian to yell “Juice!” a ton of times. Maybe Winston goes to make breakfast and actually spills Nick’s orange juice all over the kitchen? Eh, there’s time to workshop that joke still.

The one thing to hope for is that this glimpse at New Girl‘s Halloween includes a rowdy round of True American while in full costume. Judge Ito needs to take some shots!

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