New Reality Show: Teens at Fat Camp

05.26.10 9 years ago 16 Comments

The Style Network has greenlit a show called “Too Fat for 15: Fighting Back” that will chronicle the lives of teenagers at fat camp. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “What’s the Style Network?” and the answer is I don’t know. But apparently it’s real. Now let’s get to the block quote:

The series revolves around four extremely overweight teens and one preteen whose parents bring them to Wellspring Academy, a weight-loss boarding school in North Carolina.

“‘Too Fat for 15: Fighting Back’ captures the epic struggle of a courageous group of obese teens trying to lose weight,” Style Network president Salaam Coleman Smith said. “Their life-changing mental and physical transformation is must-see television that puts a real face on the obesity epidemic threatening our young people.” [THR]

Hey, I appreciate any fattie who takes the time and effort to reverse the years of sloth it took to make him or her a food blister in the first place, but I’ve got a problem with calling fat kids trying to lose weight “courageous.” Firefighters are courageous. Soldiers and Marines in combat zones are often courageous. These teens have spent almost all their sedentary lives eating McDonald’s and watching TV. Oh, so now they’re eating right and hitting the treadmill? Oooohhh, how courageous! Wanna do something brave? Take your shirt off at the pool this summer. Wait, on second thought, don’t.

(Note: original banner image taken from a New Zealand show called “Can Fat Teens Hunt?”)

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