New Show: ‘Canadians in L.A.’

12.13.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

This Headline News video about an Edmonton man who modified his car so that his beer-drinking bison could ride to the bar with him is the perfect segue to news that the production team behind “Degrassi: The Next Generation” (AKA “Saved by the Canadian Bell”) is developing a show about Canadian actors in Los Angeles.

“Highland Gardens” [working title] is inspired by the real Highland Gardens hotel in L.A. that is popular with Canadian actors in town for pilot season. It has already been the subject of a documentary, “Camp Hollywood.”

“It’s not like most shows about Hollywood,” said [writer/executive producer Martin] Gero. “It’s an interesting companion piece to ‘Entourage.’ It’s about young Canadians trying to make it in Los Angeles, from actors to a budding hip-hop producer who’s working as an intern. It’s a really bohemian-lifestyle show.”

The six one-hour episodes will shoot in August in Los Angeles and Toronto, and the producers are currently shopping the series in the U.S. It will air on commercial channel CTV and MuchMusic in Canada. [Variety]

Unfortunately, it looks like they’re taking the show seriously. It would be so much better if they made it a sitcom that indulged in cheap Canadian stereotypes. Like, one actor could always be getting rejected for roles because she keeps saying “aboot.” A hockey-playing actor could have a serious medical issue that goes untreated because American health care is so expensive. And another guy could have a pet moose that he drives around in a pickup truck and goes clubbing with. Nah, that last idea is WAY too ludicrous and insulting to be real.

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