Check Out This New ‘Walking Dead’ Mural In Robert Kirkman’s Kentucky Hometown

The south is quickly becoming a haven of tourism for an interesting reason: fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead are so devoted to the show that they’ll travel from across the country and around the world to see attractions dedicated to the show. The most famous example of this is the town of Senoia, which has served as both Woodbury and Alexandria over the past couple of seasons.

But hardcore Walking Dead fans know about a lot of other essential sights through the south. Atlanta is home to several iconic locations from early episodes, and is also where Terminus resides. A half hour away from Senoia sits Grantville, which is where all the scenes from ‘Clear’ featuring an insane Morgan were filmed. And now you can add Cynthiana, Kentucky to the list of tourist attractions for the show.

Cynthiana isn’t just where the Grimes family starts out in the comics, it’s also the real life hometown of Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman. Now it is home to a beautiful Walking Dead mural to honor them and the popular franchise their works spawned. Taking artist Sergio Odeith 70 cans of paint and six days to finish, it shows characters Rick, Carl, Michonne, and Daryl looking ready for whatever the zombie apocalypse is about to throw at them next.

For those seeking the new mural out, it is located on side of the Rohs Opera House on the corner of East Pike Street and South Walnut Street. Robert Kirkman has a connection to the Opera House as well; he donated money to buying a new screen and projector for the location, turning it into a modern movie theater.

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(via Lex18 News)