Nic Pizzolatto Hints In Deleted Tweet That Next Year’s ‘True Detective’ Might Feature Female Leads

One of the more fun things the Internet has been doing in between episodes of True Detective is dreamcasting the next season of True Detective. Josh ran down a fun list of Twitter suggestions last week, Cinemablend has some fun suggestions, the New Republic weighed in with some stranger suggestions (ScarJo?), and a colleague at Pajiba had a list of all-female suggestions last week (Sackhoff & Helfer!). A second season seems inevitable with ratings continuing to climb on the show week after week, but HBO hasn’t officially announced a season two yet, which is strange only in that HBO tends to announce renewals quickly.

Once that announcement is made, and it eventually will be made, there’s some suggestion from Nic Pizzolatto that the series will, indeed, cast two females as the lead detectives. In response to this tweet:

Pizzolatto responded with this statement in a now deleted tweet:

@friggenawesome One of the detriments of only having two POV characters, both men (a structural necessity). Next season…

Interesting? Why delete it? My guess is that HBO is waiting to make an announcement on a renewal until the series has lined up the two lead detectives, and it’s possible that Pizzolatto let a little too much out of the bag by subtly hinting that next season will feature women.

The statement comes in a week, of course, when the Internet trollery — tired of singing nothing but True Detective’s praises for the last six weeks — decided to start some kind of backlash, throwing aspersions at the series for its poor depiction women. Ugh. The Internet is the worst.

Anyway, it is an anthology series, and the show may take a page out of American Horror Story’s playbook and reuse cast members, which suggests that Michelle Monaghan could potentially return as a female detective next season (and Alexandra Daddario? Probably not in a lead role.)

via Grantland