Nick Nolte’s Scruffy-Looking Character In ‘The Mandalorian’ Pops Up In The Latest Teaser

In less than a week, the new live-action Star Wars series The Mandalorian will premiere the same day the new Disney+ streaming service debuts. The show has already offered audiences plenty of previews and teased journalists with various scenes and additional footage, but that doesn’t mean Lucasfilm and company won’t be blasting even more content into everyone’s eyeballs between now and then. Hence the new minute-long spot from Tuesday’s latest Mayans M.C. episode that, among other things, featured actor Nick Nolte’s new character in action.

According to a recent Vanity Fair article previewing The Mandalorian‘s many new characters, including Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. alum Ming-Na Wen’s assassin Fennec Shand, Nolte is voicing “a jowly Ugnaught alien named Kuiil” in the series. “I’ve never met a Mandalorian,” he says in the teaser. “I’ve only read the stories.”

If Kuiil looks a bit familiar, and you think it’s because the character looks a bit like Nolte himself, you wouldn’t be the first person to crack such a joke online. Otherwise, the scruffy-looking guy most likely rings a bell because you’ve seen his kind before in The Empire Strikes Back. The Ugnaughts were first seen working in the Cloud City, where they helped Darth Vader and the Empire freeze Han Solo in carbonite.

Aside from Nolte’s debut, however, the new teaser also lets Werner Herzog’s grizzled and mysterious character provide some more of his now-characteristic narration. “Look outside. Is the world more peaceful since the revolution?” he asks rhetorically. “I see nothing but chaos. We must restore the natural order of things. Don’t you agree?” Sounds like life after Return of the Jedi in the Star Wars universe is just peachy.

(Via Vanity Fair)