Nick Offerman Calls Chris Pratt A ‘Magnificent Beast’ In His Latest Reddit AMA

Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman has a “humorist special” entitled American Ham debuting on Netflix tomorrow, and it is an absolute must-watch. The special was filmed at the Town Hall theater in New York City during his tour last year, and if it’s anything like the show that I caught in Washington DC, fans of Ron Swanson (and people in general) are going to fall in love with Offerman’s unique brand of manliness all over again. The show is hardly just a standup comedy routine, as he offers life advice, woodworking ideas, his thoughts on America and men, and he even opens up about his marriage to Megan Mullally, in song form, no less. (Mullally wasn’t at the DC show that I attended, but she did join him on stage for others during the tour, so there’s a chance she could make an appearance in American Ham.)

No stranger to the world of Reddit, Offerman returned to the site yesterday evening for another AMA (Ask Me Anything) session to support the show, but he obviously talked about anything and everything. For example, the most popular question (if I understand the way Reddit works) was “How was it to work on Last Week Tonight?” to which Offerman responded: “I honestly think that is the most effective news program happening today, or this week rather, and it’s also britches-shitting funny. It was an honor.”

But the best answer that Offerman gave was for a question that involves a Parks and Rec costar that we all love, and his response was nothing short of poetry.

Which do you prefer, Chubby Pratt or Six Pack Pratt?

Christopher Pratt is one the most beautiful creations of Mother Nature’s that I have countenanced in my lifetime. Whether the bear is lean from the winter or fattened by sweet summer berries and springtime salmon, it makes me no never mind in the love I bear for him. He’s still a magnificent beast.

It’s an answer like that that makes me wish that Parks and Rec would never end. Wait no, it makes me wish that Pratt and Offerman could have their own spin-off, with the rest of the Parks and Rec cast making occasional appearances. It could be like Frasier, but way better and dumber. And maybe Offerman could provide the voice for another Parks and Rec character that everyone loves

Nick! If you could be any other character on parks and rec who would it be and why?

L’il Sebastian because then I would be the universe’s MOST GLORIOUS CREATURE.

Dear Netflix, please make an animated Lil Sebastian series with Offerman as the lead voice.

Signed, Everyone.