Nick Offerman Is Finally Tired Of Commercials Copying His Voice To Sell Products

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06.05.15 4 Comments

Nick Offerman, without his mustache, stopped by Conan and the topic of commercials came up. It would seem that there are many copy cats out there attempting to use his now iconic voice to help sell their products. It’s pretty blatant too, so Offerman — with the help of the folks at Conan — have decided to put out a product that is going to change all of that.

Nick Offerman’s Genuine Voice in a can is the product for any sort of lawn care or manly hygiene product you can put on the market, and maybe a little bit more. The sky is the limit, all thanks to the smooth, baritone, rustic quality of Offerman’s voice. No wonder people want to copy it.

(Via Team Coco)

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