Nick Offerman Loves ‘Highlander,’ Forced Chris Pratt To Watch It

One of the nice things about painfully slow news weeks is that it frees up large publications to stop reporting on pick-ups and cancellations and focus on more pressing matters like asking Parks & Recreation star Nick Offerman a bunch of questions about Highlander. I mean, how else would we learn that he recently found out Chris Pratt had never seen the classic 1986 film, so he “immediately booked a screening room” and forced him to watch it? Just the two of them. In a screening room. Watching Highlander. This is important information, people.

Were you happy with Chris’ reaction to the film?

Absolutely. Much as Sean Connery guides Christopher Lambert’s character into the ways of the chosen Immortal fighters, I like to hope that I have given Chris some guidance in recognizing the coming of the Quickening so that he’s able to now more fully feel the blood pounding and coursing through his magnificent veins and feel that he, like the mighty stag, is prepared to bound down the beaches of life to victory.

This is tremendous. It sounds like something straight out of an actual Parks & Rec episode. All that’s missing is Chris Pratt explaining the film scene-by-scene to a room full of party guests, which as of this moment is something I need in my life more than oxygen. Please make this happen. Someone. Anyone.

(via EW)