Nick Offerman Sang A Song About Romance And Impalement On Letterman

Before we delve into the clip above I’d like to make mention that it is memorable not only because it involves Nick Offerman treating us to a tune, but it’s also the first time I can ever remember seeing Nick in full Full Ron Swanson mode when he’s not on the set of Parks. It’s like he walked off a Pawnee shoot, swapped his patented long sleeve polo for a shirt and tie, and strolled over to the Ed Sullivan Theater. I’m pretty sure the show is shot in LA though, so maybe this was a quick jet set appearance? Michael Schur, if you’re reading, please provide some insight. If not we’ll just enjoy the novelty and that magnificent GD mustache.

Anyhoo, during last night’s chat Dave asks Nick about his one man variety show (music and semi-nudity!) that I remember reading something about somewhere, and Nick gives away one tip for prosperity (engage in romantic love) before grabbing his guitar and paying tribute to his wife with a song that manages to be equal parts sweet and wonderfully random.

It’s all very fitting considering yesterday’s Tammy 2 news. And I can’t think of a better way to cut out of your own song than deadpanning, “It goes on. It’s very romantic.”