Why Nick Is So Obsessed With Zombies On ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

08.15.16 3 years ago

Fear the Walking Dead is set to return this Sunday on AMC with the back half of the second season. When last we left the series, Fear the Walking Dead had concluded the midseason finale on a baffling cliffhanger that saw Nick (Frank Dillane) abandon his family to walk among the zombies. A few weeks after the midseason finale aired, the Fear showrunner offered a clue as to why Nick behaved the way he did:

“We connect something in the premiere of the back half. We find out he had something in his hand that we didn’t know about that makes him a little bit less insane than to just walk off.”

A quick inspection of the trailer for this Sunday night’s midseason premiere suggests that the “something” in Nick’s hand might be drugs:

This week, however, Dave Erickson may be suggesting that it may not be the drugs responsible for Nick’s behavior, but that the zombies themselves are Nick’s new drug of choice. From an interview with TVLine:

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