If The Third Season Of ‘Big Little Lies’ Does Happen, It Might Be Thanks To Nicole Kidman’s Teenage Daughter

There wasn’t even supposed to be a second round of Big Little Lies. The original season, which bowed in 2017, was supposed to be a one-off, much like The White Lotus was a few years later. Then they came back for more. But will they do so again, for a third time? Last week HBO brass revealed they’re working on it. And if Season 3 does get off the ground, it might all be thanks to co-star Nicole Kidman’s teenage daughter.

In a new chat with Vogue Australia (in a bit caught by Entertainment Weekly), the Oscar-winning actress talked about watching the show with Sunday, who’s 15. That’s a little young to be watching such an adult program, but she, Kidman says, has a “very good understanding of things, and life, so she was hand-held through it.”

And heck, Sunday loved it — loved it so much she asked if there was more. When Kidman informed her daughter that was it, she wasn’t having it.

“‘No. There’s no more discussion. The third series has to happen…I’m sick of the talk. Sick of circling it. Just get it done,’” Kidman recalled Sunday saying. “You need a teenager to go, ‘Enough. Just do it.’”

Did that do the trick? Possibly. Reese Witherspoon, one of the other main cast members, also said at the Golden Globes the other weekend that they’re working on it. Still, as said HBO exec said, wrangling such a big name cast back together can be tricky.

“Where you have all these stars, you’ve got to get their schedules in line, we have to get it written,” said HBO/Max honcho Casey Bloys. “So, there’s a lot that needs to be done. It’s very early stages right now. The entire cast is doing shows and movies, and everybody’s very busy.”

But when/if the stars align again, it might be all the fault of Nicole Kidman’s one daughter.

(Via Vogue Australia and EW)