Norm Macdonald Has Replaced Darrell Hammond As Colonel Sanders For KFC

Earlier this year, we mentioned that Darrell Hammond had taken on the role of Colonel Sanders for some new KFC television ads. But, just a few short months later, Hammond is out for some reason and Norm Macdonald — of all people, being that he is not known to take corporate sponsorship very seriously — is in, if you caught the commercials that debuted on TV and online Sunday night.

KFC Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Hochman said in an official press release Monday morning:

For the first ads, we rebooted things that made Kentucky Fried Chicken the most favorite chicken brand in the world. We brought back the Colonel’s iconic office, his white stretch limo, and the children’s mandolin band he outfitted with instruments and white Colonel Suits to create authentic Kentucky bluegrass music. And the new set of ads are more of that same homage to the things that made Kentucky Fried Chicken such an important part of American families.

The ads have Macdonald calling out Hammond as an impostor and “not the real Colonel Sanders,” focusing on (above) KFC’s $20 Family Fill Up Meal, and (below) the $5 Fill Up Meal. It’s unclear if there was some kind of problem with Hammond, or if KFC is going to be hitting up different former SNL cast members for each subsequent campaign. In which case my money’s on Tim Meadows as the next Colonel.