Norm Macdonald Thinks He Knows Why Hillary Clinton Lost The Presidency To Donald Trump

Senior Pop Culture Editor
01.18.17 11 Comments

One of Twitter’s most entertaining users, former SNL cast member and late-night agent of chaos Norm Macdonald, was at it again early Wednesday morning, sharing his thoughts on why Hillary Clinton lost the United States presidency to Donald Trump. No, it had nothing to do with the Kardashians. Macdonald tweeted over four dozen times to explain why, in his words, “Hillary should never have been the nominee.” (That may seem like a lot of tweets… until you’re on Twitter when he’s watching a basketball game.)

“So much panic or ‘panic’ or fear or ‘fear’ or ‘hate’ or ‘hate’ or racism or ‘racism.’ On the eve of inauguration, confusion rules the day,” Macdonald began. “There are the Trump enemies, who see him as, at worst, a dangerous racist and, at best, a dangerous clown. They hate him. There are the Trump supporters, who see him as a victim, attacked by the left and the media. They hate all who hate Trump. Some wring their hands and say the problem is with Trump supporters for believing Trump when he said they should be afraid and angry. At the same time, these very people are afraid and angry; of the Trump supporters. One thing is for certain. The country is more divided than it has ever been.” What’s this golf-loving Canadian trying to say about America?

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