Norm Macdonald Confirms His New Netflix Talk Show With David Letterman Serving As Its ‘Location Scout’

norm macdonald netflix talk show

Norm Macdonald Live has been going strong on YouTube for several years, but the comedian turned hopeful talk show host evidently won’t stop there. He’s teased fans that he might have something more official on the way at Netflix in late January, and moments ago the comic made it official on Twitter. Macdonald’s new talk show, Norm Macdonald Has a Show, received a 10-episode series order from Netflix with the funnyman serving as host, executive producer, and co-showrunner alongside longtime collaborator Lori Jo Hoekstra. Also, David Letterman is the show’s “location scout.”

In actuality, Letterman’s location scout gig amounts to his serving as Norm Macdonald Has a Show‘s creative partner. It’s a catch-all term that could mean anything from suggesting bits to Macdonald, his devoted sidekick Adam Eget, and Hoekstra, or offering the nervous new talk show host a sounding board for his own ideas. As for the show itself, each of the 10 episodes will feature a celebrity guest and their respective conversations with Macdonald, and an in-depth look into the everyday world of Norm’s life.

Which, hopefully, will include at least a brief foray into the comedian’s adept use of Twitter. Seeing as how he was willing to announce the new show with a faux text message exchange with Netflix’s Ted Sarandos, it’s a sure bet that just might happen.