The ‘Seinfeld’ Cast Reunited At Tom’s Restaurant For A Super Bowl Commercial

On Monday, we told you about Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, and Larry David’s sit-down at Tom’s Restaurant, a mini-reunion that got the rumor mill spinning like a tire. Was Julia Louis-Dreyfus too Hollywood for Mr. Bee Movie? Did Michael Richards finally succumb to the Groat’s Disease? WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH AIRPLANE FOOD?

Well, now we know the answer:

Snow cannons were set up and used outside, and witnesses said cameras were rolling inside the building as well…Footage released by filmmaker Gian Franco Morini, who directed Tom’s Restaurant: A Documentary About Everything shows David and Seinfeld being questioned as they left. Both refused to elaborate.

Production workers reportedly confirmed that the trio were working on a Super Bowl commercial. (Via)

So, it’s a Super Bowl commercial about nothing? GoDaddy is going in a weird new direction.

Via New York Daily News