Nuevo Show de Rob Schneider Es “¡Rob!”

CBS released its midseason schedule today, and I’m not going to pretend to give a crap about the minor tweaks to the newest batch of imitation comedy gruel. The only real news is that Rob Schneider’s previously untitled new show about living with Mexican in-laws is going to be named “¡Rob!”

*kisses fingertips* That’s perfect. So succinct. The inverted exclamation mark lets you know Latin excitement is on the way, the “Rob” part lets you know that it’s about Rob, and the final exclamation point is universal symbol of a quality television show. This kind of wonderful television news is precisely what I needed to lift my spirits after the disappointing “Community” news.

Even though “¡Rob!” is unquestionably the most perfect name for a show ever, I came up with ten other titles that could have worked just as well:

1. “¡Viva El Rob!”

2. “Border Disputes”

3. “Two and a Half Mang”

4. “¡Ay Chihuahua!”

5. “Papi Seeds”

6. “Dos Bigalow”

7. “Mi Familia”

8. “So I Married an Immigrant”

9. “Gracias, Señor Sandler”

10. “Two *chihuahua barks* and a *bike horn*