03.20.09 10 years ago 11 Comments

If you own any stock in GE/NBC Universal, sell it.  Sell it immediately.  NBC has given the go-ahead on a reality show called “Sing Off,” in which a capella groups will go mano-a-mano sans instruments (and if you’re counting, that’s three terms from non-English languages in a single clause).  Variety says:

The eight-week series will feature contestants as they perform without backing tracks or a band and compete by crooning popular, contemporary songs. Winner of the competish will receive a Sony Music recording contract.

Peacock is billing the show as the first reality competish to center on a cappella singing, and cites the 1990s success of Boyz II Men and the more recent popularity of Justin Timberlake (whose former group, ‘NSync, also frequently performed multipart harmony) as the reason behind the series.

My only question is: Is the head of NBC a child or retarded or a retarded child?  “Well, Justin Timberlake is a rare, charismatic pop music and sex icon, and since his boy band occasionally sang a capella several years ago, an entire series about singing groups that CANNOT exist anywhere outside of a college campus should be a hit.  Another example?  Well, uh… how about Boyz II F-ckin’ Men!  They were HUGE fifteen years ago!”


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