An ‘O.J. Is Innocent’ Docuseries Produced By Martin Sheen Is Coming To Deep Cable

03.30.16 3 years ago 5 Comments

Look at what American Crime Story hath wrought. Along with the disapproval of the Goldmans, plus a knife that may or may not have been used in the murders, the cable channel Investigation Discovery is now adding a docuseries that promises to prove that Simpson is innocent, produced and narrated by Martin Sheen.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the docuseries is to be called Hard Evidence: O.J. Is Innocent, and will present new evidence, as well as a new explanation for what happened that resulted in Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman’s murders. Texas based private investigator William Dear has worked on this new evidence and theory for 20 years, and has even written a book about it. Now his hard work will come to television, the medium where the O.J. Simpson case thrived all those years ago, as well as recently.

The people involved in this show are really hyping it up, including ID Group president Henry Schleiff, who was involved in Court TV, the network that was put on the map because of this very trial:

“Like most others I had always believed that the evidence showed that [O.J.] did it,” Schleiff says, “I went into this with a tremendous amount of doubt and cynicism, but this is so amazingly convincing that when you do connect the dots and look at the new evidence, it made me accept the fact that O.J. could actually be innocent.”

If the producers get their way, this series could do more than convince a skeptical audience. Sheen himself wants to explore this possibility: “What if a grand jury convened to reconsider the case based on new evidence?”

(Via Hollywood Reporter)

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