Did Oliver Hudson Accidentally Reveal ‘Scream Queens’ Next Season Premise?

11.18.15 4 years ago

When Scream Queens was first announced last year, it was planned as “an anthology series with subsequent seasons featuring a rotating cast and storylines,” basically in the same formula as Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story. Murphy later told the Hollywood Reporter that the plan was that only four of the cast of Scream Queens‘ original 25 players would survive, who would then move on to the next season’s genre. But with just three episodes left this season, we still haven’t gotten any news as to what the next genre will involve — likely because it involves spoilers from the current season.

Oliver Hudson, who stars as Wes Gardner (father to the main character Grace) may have just spilled the beans, however. Following the latest episode Tuesday night, Hudson appeared on Watch What Happens Live, where he was asked point-blank by Andy Cohen if Ryan Murphy has told him what he wants the next season’s premise to be.

Ahh, I have an idea. It’s so scary — I’m scared to reveal anything. I don’t even know if it’s gonna be picked up, but whatever, it’s summer camp.

Uhh. Was he supposed to say that? Ryan Murphy tends to strategically divulge details like that from his social-media accounts. And does that mean Hudson is one of the four to survive? Interesting. Well, for what it’s worth, it looks like we have our season two premise… should the show be picked up, which is looking fairly likely.

(Via Watch What Happens Live)

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