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Oh my God you guys! Production on “Bones” got shut down by swine flu! BECAUSE DAVID BOREANAZ HAS SWINE FLU! Totally! As long as you don’t read the details and just jump to conclusions! The breathlessly retarded Michael Auisello says…

Bones has abruptly shut down production due to a possible outbreak of swine flu, the show’s creator, Hart Hanson, announced via Twitter. “First time in Bones history we are shut down from production,” Hanson tweeted. “Damn swine flu! That’s gonna cut into Christmas hiatus.”

A show spokesperson confirms that among those sidelined is leading man David Boreanaz, although it’s unclear if he actually has the H1N1 bug. “David is out with the flu and the show shut down today since he was in every scene,” says the rep. “We hope to resume production tomorrow.”

Hanson later clarified via Twitter that “there is no indication that Boreanaz has swine flu. We expect him back tomorrow.”

In conclusion, David Boreanaz was sick for one day and there’s no reason to think it’s swine flu. Good story, Mike. I wouldn’t have even bothered to point out this non-story if I hadn’t already Photoshopped that pig into the picture. Look at him! So cute. Just a fuzzy adorable source of bacon I hope to one day eat.

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