OMG, It’s the Rapist?!?!

07.07.10 8 years ago 9 Comments

I sent this breaking news piece to Matt a few months back, but he said something about rape not being funny.  Now that I’m manning the helm, I feel compelled to share this local news gaffe to prove that  small-market news teams can compete with the  high-levels of chicken f**king prowess that New York’s Ernie Anastos and the rest of the Fox 5 News Team consistently deliver.

Since nothing makes us Midwestern folks grab our lanterns and pitch-forks faster than a good old-fashioned serial rapist on the loose,  the local media was quick to exploit our fears in the form of a little “on the scene” reporting from Kansas City, NBC News affiliate reporter Larry Seward.

Annnnnd, cue fear mongering introduction, token interview with distressed, doe-eyed white girl, and finally the revealing police sketch that looks eerily similar to…. don’t just stand there camera guy, get him!

Fortunately, the actual rapist is now in custody and has already been beaten date-rape stylee by his cell-mate, who now has a Facebook fan-club.

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