Lin-Manuel Miranda Is Leading The Charge To Save ‘One Day At A Time’ From Cancellation


On Thursday, Netflix announced its decision to cancel the critically acclaimed One Day at a Time reboot after three seasons. Obviously, this announcement didn’t go over too well with the show’s more vocal fans. (Neither did the streaming giant’s efforts to preemptively respond to detractors on social media.) One of the loudest and most prominent figures to respond to the news was none other than Lin-Manuel Miranda, who previously vouched for Brookylen Nine-Nine when FOX canceled it.

Mimicking (and mocking) “every TV exec everywhere,” Miranda tweeted, “Yknow, that Latinx audience is SO vast and SO underserved… if only we had a show that we KNOW would have a passionate, young fanbase.” He then tagged many Netflix competitors and broadcast networks in a subsequent tweet.

Meanwhile, thanks to many of the cast and crew members behind One Day at a Time, including none other than Norman Lear, the #SaveODAAT hashtag took off. Miranda noticed and did what he could to propel it along. Lear, who served as the show’s executive producer (and was responsible for the original series), lamented the cancellation. “I wish I could understand [Netflix’s] decision to not pick us up for a fourth [season],” he wrote.

He also responded to Miranda’s quote tweet of a post by cast member Isabella Gomez — which read, “Annnnd, we might find #ODAAT another home. This isn’t over yet” — with “to be continued.”

None of this actually means that One Day at a Time is going to come back for a fourth season (or any more beyond that), but judging by Miranda’s efforts — as well as the efforts of Lear and the rest of the show’s cast and crew — who knows? Similar last-minute (or beyond-the-deadline) saves have happened before in recent TV memory.