Netflix Announces The ‘One Day At A Time’ Premiere Date With A Throwback Thursday Video

We’ve known the utterly lovely One Day at a Time would be returning for a season two since spring. But as Netflix loves to do, it left us wondering, “But when?!” for months. Today, we got our answer and we got it the answer the most adorable way possible: through a video recreating the original ’70s iteration of the show’s opening credits shot for shot.

While the original version focused on a white family led by a matriarch played by Bonnie Franklin, the remake is about a Cuban-American family follows single mom and military vet Penelope Alvarez, played by Six Feet Under‘s Justina Machado, and her children and mother, played by the great Rita Moreno. Like the original, they also have a close relationship with their building manager, Schneider. Like many Norman Lear-produced shows, this remake deals with heavier issues in addition to its warmth and comedy. Penelope’s estranged husband, for instance, is also a veteran and an alcoholic who suffers from PTSD and has a traumatic brain injury.

One Day at a Time returns to Netflix on January 26.