‘One Sorry Individual’ Is The Best Jesse Pinkman Supercut That You’ll Ever Watch

When all is said and done, Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman may be one of the most punished and perpetually miserable characters in television history. Don’t believe me? The folks at Slate put together one hell of a supercut of all of Jesse’s worst moments, including all of the times that he’s taken a beaten and even one of the show’s biggest “Oh I can’t watch that” moments (for me), when the trunk was slammed on his arm. I had a car door slammed on my fingers as a kid and… it’s just an awful memory and feeling.

To top it all off, they even used the perfect song to really drive home just how miserable of a fictional character Jesse is. It’s definitely way better than the original music video, that’s for sure. Is it better than the “Bitch” supercut? That’s for the fans to decide.