Watch ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Get The ‘Arrested Development’ Opening Credits Treatment

06.04.14 2 Comments

Above, please find an Orange Is the New Black/Arrested Development mash-up in which the former is run through the iconic opening credits sequence of the latter. This is probably better than going the other way with the whole thing and dropping tight close-ups of the Arrested Development cast over that Regina Spekter song. Or not. Maybe it would help to see it.

The other thing of note here is that this mash-up isn’t the brainchild of some wily Internet rascal with editing software and lots of free time. It was actually produced by Netflix to promote Friday’s OINTB Season 2 premiere, which makes me love it more and less simultaneously, somehow. Hopefully it means that Bob Loblaw will showing up to work on someone’s appeal.

Source: Vulture

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