An Outback Hostess Was Disappointed David Spade Wasn’t ‘The Famous One’

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09.18.15 3 Comments

David Spade confirmed Thursday night that maybe the apple doesn’t fall too far from the Joe Dirt tree when he discussed his love of chain restaurants with Jimmy Kimmel. According to Spade, even when filming on exotic locales for yet another one of Adam Sandler’s vacation movies, he’ll always seek out the local Chili’s and Outback.

It was during one of these recent trips that he says he showed up for a 6 p.m. reservation at an Outback Steakhouse (you can make reservations at Outback?), where a hostess feigned disappointment because she had been expecting “the famous David Spade.” I mean… if you haven’t seen David Spade since Saturday Night Live, okay, I guess. But I have a very difficult time believing your average Outback hostess hasn’t seen Joe Dirt.

Spade goes on to explain why chain restaurants meet his comfort level, and how when he goes to more upscale steakhouses, he likes to keep the overly hospitable staff (who presumably do know who “David Spade” is) on their toes by asking for condiments like A.1. and ranch dressing. But really, David Spade just really likes A.1. and ranch dressing. And really, who doesn’t like ranch dressing? Can’t fault anyone for that.

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