Pablo Escobar’s Son Took To Facebook To List All The Problems He Has With ‘Narcos’

09.09.16 6 Comments

Pablo Escobar’s son is very upset about Narcos. He would also like to plug his book. Primarily that first thing. But definitely the second thing, too. Both things, really.

Let’s back up: Season two of Netflix’s Narcos depicted the fall of Pablo Escobar, tracking his final days on the run from multiple law enforcement and paramilitary groups. It was a marked improvement on season one, and an enjoyable binge-watch, and apparently, according to his son, Sebastián Marroquín, a big ol’ heap of lies and inaccuracies. So, Marroquín took to Facebook to tick off a bunch of the problems he had with the series. His list is 28 items long and comes in north of 2,000 words (including multiple links to the book he wrote about the whole thing), and covers everything from distortions about his uncle Carlos to the incorrect identification of Pablo’s favorite soccer team. The full post is here, in the original Spanish, and below, pumped through Google Translate.

This is the tricky thing about making a television show or movie based on real-life events. Any small liberty you take with the facts for dramatic purposes (or any side you take in a dispute) can result in an altered history and/or people who lived it getting upset at you. And then that can result in the livid son of history’s most famous drug dealer going on social media to yell at you about it. Which is probably very weird for the people who made Narcos, if they take a step back and try to wrap their heads around the whole thing. Although now I kind of want Marroquín to start fact-checking other shows, too. Someone send him the DVDs of The People v. O.J. Simpson.

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