6 Other Movies And TV Shows That Film In Front Of 'It's Always Sunny's' Paddy's Pub

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02.07.13 24 Comments

For those of you who didn’t already know, you may be crushed, but unsurprised, to find out that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelpia — save for a few exterior shots — is actually filmed in Los Angeles. The only surprise to me, actually, is that it’s not filmed in Toronto or Vancouver. As you can see below, from the Google Maps shot, the location is the corner of Mateo street and Palmetto streets in L.A.

Anyway, it turns out the the location of the show’s bar, Paddy’s Pub, is a popular location in other television shows and films. In fact, someone on Reddit connected an exterior shot on Parks and Recreation to Paddy’s Pub.

It’s not just Parks and Rec, however. “Paddy’s Pub” can also be seen in the background of one of the Fast and Furious movies (please don’t ask me which one). (via)

As well as Sons of Anarchy (via).

Also, unsurprisingly, The League (via).

Repo Man also filmed a scene there.

Even Bear Grylls filmed a deodorant commercial there.

Though I have no photographic proof, apparently The Wire, Southland, and Mad Men have also filmed in front of Paddy’s Pub. WORLDS COLLIDING. I hope Frank gets a piece of the revenue.


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