Parenting Fails From ‘The Detour’ That We Can All Relate To

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Nate and Robin Parker (Jason Jones and Natalie Zea) aren’t perfect parents on TBS’ The Detour, and some of their methods can make it seem like they don’t know what they’re doing as they drag their kids, Delilah and Jared (Ashley Gerasimovich and Liam Carroll), across the country while on the run from the postal service, bad luck, and the fallout from their own bad decisions. But let’s get real: do perfect parents really exist and is there really a less than messy way to parent? Seriously, who can legit say that they haven’t screwed up and psychologically damaged their kids in a minor way as they wing their way through life as a parent? Who can say that they weren’t messed up by their own well-meaning parents?

Clearly, the guidebooks are bullsh*t. And so, with that in mind, let’s take a closer look at what some might perceive as the Parkers’ biggest parenting fails and explain why they’re actually pretty relatable and sorta justifiable, especially considering the unique situations the Parker family always seems to find themselves in.

A Small Crack


A parent’s filter is like the Hoover Dam, holding back a biblical flood of insults and real talk from the fragile psyche of kids who walk around thinking they’re exceptional even when they’re not. Though Robin’s words may seem harsh, it’s useful to remember the size of the reservoir of hard and hurtful truths that she’s keeping at bay. Sometime’s you gotta forgive a small crack.

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