More Parents Are Naming Their Kids After Television Characters From Breaking Bad And Game of Thrones

Stupid baby names have been a thing for a while now. Be it Gwyneth Paltrow naming her child Apple all those years ago or rabid fans naming their kids after their favorite characters from Twilight, it is an epidemic. Someone should notify Madagascar.

Now The Guardian is reporting that television inspired baby names are on the rise, most likely thanks to the surge of great television out there. Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and Homeland are all providing inspiration to new parents.

Great or not, we don’t need a bunch of baby Walts, Brodys and Skylers running around do we? From The Independent:

Breaking Bad’s Skyler and Jesse increased in popularity by 70 per cent and 13 per cent respectively.

From Homeland, the name Brody was up by 40 per cent and entered the top 100 for the first time (despite actually being the surname of the lead male character played by Damian Lewis). The names of the show’s female characters also shot up, with Carrie and Dana rising by 200 per cent and 66 per cent respectively.

The name Arya from Game of Thrones was a new entry to the top 100, up by 183 per cent, and the first baby Sansa was also registered with BabyCentre this year.

I think the thing that sticks for me is the idea that these kids are going to be connected to these characters from birth. Baby Carrie might either be a pill popping loose cannon or a stuck up horse face depending on inspiration. How can you shake that for people in the know?

Luckily the name Joffrey is not on the rise. I don’t think anyone could stop themselves from slapping a baby at that point. We luckily have a training video for how to do that if the need arises.

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