'Parks And Recreation' Is Filming In London. Here's Ron Swanson Meets UK Photographic Evidence.

Not long after we discovered Sam Elliot will be playing Eagleton’s Ron Swanson equivalent this season on Parks and Recreation (f–k and yes), Michael Schur tweeted this photo of the Tower Bridge in London accompanied simply with the caption: “Season Six. #ParksandRec”

There were several conclusions a fan of the show could draw from such a message (Jerry watches lots of Travel Channel?) but the most likely is that they are filming for an off location kick off to the season much like last year’s DC jaunt. And then the updates kept coming. Like Peter Serafinowicz tweeting, “Having such a lovely time shooting #ParksAndRec with @mradamscott and @prattprattpratt, great guys,” accompanied by this photo…

Beating up British guys 2:1? Will this show ever cease to know the way to my heart?

A friend of friend of one r/PandR fan grabbed the top banner shot. There was also this other note from Schur about there being worse backdrops than Parliament and Big Ben. And finally, my personal favorite: Ron Swanson takes London.

Someone tell that royal baby to watch his back. It’s gonna be a good season.