Please Enjoy The Hilarious ‘Parks And Recreation’ Season 5 Gag Reel While It Lasts

Since the “You’re On With Ron” extended cut was unceremoniously removed hours after a select few of us had our lives forever changed with glorious Ron Swanson pearls of wisdom, I’m sharing this extra large Parks and Recreation Season 5 blooper reel set that just hit the internet before even watching it all the way through myself. Parks & Rec does the best blooper reels you see, and we have to take advantage while we can.

Highlights so far include: Councilman Jamm intro, Rob Lowe f-bombs, Rent-A-Swag commercials, Aubrey Plaza line assumptions, and bonus “Lights, Camera, Perd” (!!!). Let’s watch, enjoy, and then I’ll circle back with some additional highlights and commentary in just a bit.

Some splendidly NSFW audio ahead…


– Perd Hapley’s review of Thelma & Louise is the greatest review.

– Everything about Chris Pratt was born to star in gag reels.

– They call Rob Lowe “ROLO”!

– “Who the f*ck is Nick?”

– “Brace Yourself!” and the MILF discount have made me a Jamm Orthodontics customer for life.

– Roy Hibbert sucks at lines.

– That John Stamos line was f’n perfect.

– The only place to go from here is re-watching Patton Oswalt’s Star Wars filibuster.