Paul McCartney to Guest Star on ‘Mad Men’?

02.14.12 6 years ago 16 Comments

“I pray to you, oh God of me"

According to the Daily Mail, the Ringo of British newspapers, Paul McCartney has allowed “Mad Men” to use his solo material on the show, and he’s also in discussions to make a walk-on appearance.

The singer was approached by the producers of the successful show because they wanted to use some of his solo material in the programme.

However, following long talks Sir Paul, 69, ended up agreeing to take on a walk-on role as well as giving the hit TV show permission to use his songs.

A source said to The Sun newspaper: “It’s perfect timing because his new music suits the programme perfectly…Action in the show has now reached the Swinging Sixties. So it’s only right that the man who was pivotal to the era is involved in the show.” (Daily Mail)

I don’t want to trust “source” because I can’t believe that someone actually used the phrase “Swinging Sixties” to another human being. But if it is true: America’s youth might not know who Paul McCartney is now, but they certainly will when selections from his most recent solo album, Kisses on the Bottom (which I’m assuming is about a brothel of some sort, possibly a Turkish bathhouse), play on a low-rated show about the 1960s. When reached for comment, former-Beatle Pete Best asked, “I’m still alive?” (Banner via Shutterstock)

UPDATE: Literally three minutes before posting this, I saw Vulture’s article denying the rumor, saying, “Paul McCartney will not in fact be appearing on the upcoming season of ‘Mad Men,’ a source close to the show confirms.” So use this post to make all the Paul McCartney and/or Wings jokes you can come up with.

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