Paul Rudd Brought Back The ‘Mac And Me’ Joke On Conan’s Podcast

That Paul Rudd, what a stinker. Beginning in 2004, nearly every time the ageless Wet Hot American Summer and Ant-Man star would appear on one of Conan O Brien‘s many late-night talk shows, he would set up a clip from his new TV series or movie and end up playing the same scene from Mac and Me. It somehow never got old. It was just as funny in 2021, when he crashed Bill Hader’s interview near the end of Conan’s TBS run, as it was in 2004, when he was promoting the Friends series finale.

The Mac and Me bait and switch even works in podcast form, as Rudd proved in the most recent episode of Conan’s podcast, Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend. It comes out of nowhere and catches Conan (and the listener) off guard. The set up begins with Rudd discussing a new series for Audible he’s been creating with Party Down co-creator Dan Etheridge. “I’ve been working on it and recording it with my friends, which has been great,” he says before listing everyone who’s involved. Rudd then explains the “sweet and funny” premise before asking if he can play a snippet from one of the episodes.

I think you can guess what happens next.

“Oh for Christ’s sake,” Conan exclaims. “You can’t do that on a podcast.” I disagree. Also, everything Rudd said about the Audible series with Adam Scott and Ken Marino? It’s all fake. That’s commitment to the bit from the sexiest man alive.

You can listen to the full episode below.

(Via Pajiba)