Paul Rudd FaceTimes With His Strange Cousin On ‘SNL At Home’

One plus side — or possibly not — of quarantining has been getting back in touch with people you may haven’t seen in ages, not over the phone but over some form of webchat. These video sessions, on Zoom or Google Hangout or just over your smartphone, can be awkward affairs, filled with fumbled conversation and connection woes. Perhaps some end up resembling the rap session had by Paul Rudd and his long-lost cousin on the most recent SNL At Home.

The actor and ageless timelord graced Saturday night’s episode by feigning a not terribly encouraging chat with a family member played by Heidi Gardner. The two hadn’t spoken since they were kids, and it was clear they no longer had much in common. “Do you still go swimming?” and “Do you still do coloring?” were some of the questions she had for him. To be fair, the only thing he could ask her is, “Do you have coronavirus?”

She did not and, offended that he would ask such a question, she poked fun at his celebrity. Why wasn’t he in that star-studded “movie that Wonder Woman did,” aka Gal Gadot’s thoroughly mocked “Imagine” video? Was he not famous enough to be in it? Apparently not. She also reminded him that he didn’t win the Golden Globe earlier this year for Living with Yourself, and wondered if the person who did win it — Ramy Youssef for Rami — may take over his Ant-Man duties. In any case, it’s a reminder that maybe you don’t need to reconnect over Zoom with everyone.