The Best Of Paul Scheer’s UPROXX Live Discussion

Yesterday, Paul Scheer kindly visited us to answer reader questions with wit and candor. Even if you don’t immediately recognize the name Paul Scheer — and how couldn’t you? — we’ll bet you recognize his face from The League, NTSF:SD:SUV, Children’s Hospital, and his sketches with Aziz Ansari and Rob Huebel on Human Giant. He also has a great podcast, How Did This Get Made?, wherein he and his wife (June Diane Raphael) and League co-star Jason Mantzoukas watch terrible movies and discuss how terrible they are, sometimes veering off into how awesome Nic Cage is.

Since great moments in our live discussions sometimes go unnoticed, we’ve created a highlight reel of some of the funniest answers in Paul Scheer’s UPROXX live discussion along with plenty of helpful visual aids. On a scale of Nic Cage acting modes (“Nic Tic” and “Rage Cage”), I rate this live discussion a full-on Rage Cage.

I will never regret the time spent making this:

I was about to photoshop Jeff Goldblum as a unicorn. Then I realized it already exists. Oh, internet. Of course you already have that. Of course you do.

Wiseu isn’t first choice? He’s not going to take that well.

Here’s the video they’re taking about.


How perfect is it that this is rated “Immortal” on Funny Or Die?

Only 23? Such self-restraint.

I’m smelling spin-off series!

I knew it!

Monkeys are stone cold killers, you guys.

Is it too late to suggest Jerry Gergich?

I don’t know what a pube vaporizor looks like to photoshop, so please accept this Human Centipede bong instead:


I’d watch that show.

[Thanks to snowho148 for part of this picture.]

Wait, is that actually Rampart? What’s happening?