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Everybody, I hope you’re sitting down for this news.  This is going to come as a shock, but “American Idol” judge Paula Abdul — pictured here with John Stamos in 1991 — has revealed that she was addicted to prescription painkillers.  Oh, I know: I couldn’t believe it, either.

Abdul says she checked herself into the La Costa Resort and Spa, in Carlsbad, Calif., last Thanksgiving to help beat her use of medication…

After taking medication to combat pain from injuries that happened during her grueling years as a dancer… the American Idol judge says, “I’d been working nonstop,” and her desire to carry on with her work led her to take more pain pills…

By 2005… she wore a pain patch and took nerve medication and, occasionally, a muscle relaxant. The combo made her “get weird,” she says.

This is especially nice to hear, because we bloggers have been speculating and making jokes about her using pills for the last couple years.  So I think the lesson here is: Speculation is always right.  Hey, did you know that Simon Cowell finger-banged Allison Iraheta backstage before the show?  I think I heard that somewhere.  Possibly in my head.

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