Paz De La Huerta Wants To Return To ‘Boardwalk Empire’

08.29.13 5 years ago 13 Comments

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When last we checked in with bored sex fantasy Paz of the Huerta, we were asking what happened to Paz of the Huerta. She’s been off the cultural radar since departing Boardwalk Empire after season two’s “Peg of Old,” perhaps not coincidentally when the show transformed from disappointing Sopranos afterthought to THIS. Huerta’s kept busy, though, getting naked and more surprisingly, putting together a book, The Birds Didn’t Die Over the Winter, which sounds like a code Prohibition-era bars would use to alert patrons when the coppers were near.

If Boardwalk creator Terrence Winter asked nicely, however, she’d be happy to return and ruin everything.

“I had a great experience on Boardwalk Empire,” de la Huerta told FOX411 exclusively at Arcana in Culver City, Calif., where she was signing copies of The Birds Didn’t Die Over the Winter.

“I’m still close with the producers. Terry [Terence Winter] always says it’s possible for me to come back.”

It’s been far too long since Huerta has been naked on TV, and like Tinkerbell, if no one believes in her ability to take her clothes off for no reason, she dies. Which apparently almost happened in 2011.

The star was struck by a stunt driver who was driving a truck on the set of Nurse 3-D.

“I had to have some 20 surgeries,” de la Huerta explained. “I had everything riding on this last surgery, and I was like ‘Amazing. It worked.’ Like, I woke up and my body felt incredible. Better than before.”

During her recovery, de la Huerta had support from a surprising source.

“Brett Ratner is one of my best friends,” de la Huerta declared. “He was of my angles that helped save my life. I was at the Cleveland Clinic for three months and he basically told people there, ‘Step up your act. Find out what’s wrong with her. Take care of my friend. She’s too talented, too amazing, to die.’ As it turned out, my tailbone had been cut in half.” (Via)

Ratner. Typos (unless she was touched by an angle). CLEVELAND. Cut tailbone. It’s hard out there for a Paz.


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