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All three of HBO’s current shows (“Hung,” “Entourage,” and “True Blood”) have been renewed for subsequent seasons, but I can’t help just pick out the parts of HBO’s announcement that sound like they are referring to Thomas Jane’s enormous “talent” on “Hung.” For example:

“The size of these shows have broken into the popular culture in a way we haven’t seen in a while,” said HBO co-president Richard Plepler. “…we were the newbies. It was tough. It was a much more stressful session for us two years ago.” [Variety]

See, once you got big penis jokes on the brain, it’s easy to skew. Truth be told I am a big (like 9 ½” uncut) fan of all three shows (yes, even “Entourage” — suck it, Ufford) so the news makes me tumescently happy.  As the receiving end of these throbbing shows I hope I can live up to HBO’s assertion:

“‘Resilient’ is the way I’d describe how the business has held up,” Plepler said.

Okay, that one was a stretch. (Get it? A stretch!?  Never mind, I was leaving anyway.)

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