The Most Dysfunctional Moments From The Sixth Episode Of ‘People Of Earth’

As per usual, many folks will be spending time with their family this holiday season, but while there may be some friction regarding politics or mother’s favorite line of inquiry, People of Earth added the wrinkle of “admitting alien abduction,” to the mix as Gina thought it would be a good idea for the group to open up about their experience to loved ones.

Understandably, the StarCrossed crew were not so eager to join in.

And the meeting went about how you’d expect.

Things took a turn when Chelsea’s husband decided to see what’s going on and gave her an ultimatum.

Which was a good summary of the night.

But despite the reactions, the group took it on the chin at a local bar.

Ozzy had a much better time playing hookey with Father Doug…

… who definitely needed to blow off some steam.

And while we didn’t hear much from the aliens, what we did get was pretty big.

How far does it all go? You can find out by watching People of Earth Mondays at 9/8c on TBS.