Kenan Thompson Knows The Secret To Pete Davidson’s Success With The Ladies: His Big… Kindness

It wouldn’t be an SNL cast member interview without a question about Pete Davidson!

It was all of yesterday when we learned from Chloe Fineman that the reason he’s dated so many famous women, including Emily Ratajkowski, Kim Kardashian, and Ariana Grande, is because he’s “deeply charming.” Today, it’s Kenan Thompson’s turn. Not to date Pete, although that would be interesting, but to be asked about his former co-star’s “secret” with the ladies.

“I mean, the one obvious and then the other one is they say that… what I say… he’s a very sweet, young man,” Thompson told E! News. “He’s a very kind and endearing, he loves his mom and sister. He has hyper admiration for his father and, I don’t know, he’s just a good hearted person. He’s grown up rough because the streets of New York, stuff like that or whatever, but instead I don’t think he’s out to harm a piece of cotton.”

You know what The King of Staten Island, the movie loosely based on Davidson’s life, was missing? A scene where he’s smoking weed in his mom’s basement and cough-laughing while watching Good Burger. Sure, he was only four when the All That spin-off movie came out, but you know he owned a copy on DVD. This, coincidentally, is also what a movie based on my life would look like.

You can watch the E! News interview with Kenan above.