Pete Davidson Made Fun Of The ‘Cool Dress’ He Wore At The Met Gala On ‘SNL’ Weekend Update

Pete Davidson wasn’t sure he was coming back to SNL. He spent part of the summer casting doubt on whether he’d make it for another round of the show, where he’s resided since 2014. But in the end he returned (as did Cecily Strong). And in his first Weekend Update monologue of Season 47, he made sure to mock the “cool dress’ he wore to this year’s Met Gala.

The annual event, long one of the biggest fashion and cultural extravaganzas in New York City, was more eventful than usual this year. There was praise for the outside-the-box designs, while the presence of AOC, even with a dress that bore the words “Tax the rich,” drew criticism, including from predictable people. Davidson showed up in a black dress with a white jacket.

But Davidson made sure he threw the best insults. “I look like James Bond at his quinceañera,” he joked. But he had more. “I look like if one of the three blind mice sold fentanyl.” Later he had another: “I look like Tilda Swinton on casual Friday.”

Davidson admitted that he’s no stranger to wearing dresses, which freaks out and angers some members of his family. Among them is his uncle, who he says worries that wearing frocks makes him “look gay.”

“Meanwhile, he grew up in the ’80s, which is somehow the gayest and the most homophobic generation of all time,” Davidson added. “All the songs were like, about the boys, and how they’re back in town. Also, his favorite movie is Top Gun. It’s as close to a movie about men being in love with each other as like, the ’80s allowed. It’s like Brokeback in the sky.”

Davidson delivered his monologue while wearing a tee-shirt featuring an image of the late Norm Macdonald, who was honored at the end of Weekend Update. Davidson ended his segment by saying, semi-cryptically, “I can’t believe I’m back.”

You can watch Davidson’s monologue in the video above.