Pete Holmes Fires Street Fighter's Equivalent To Keanu Reeves In 'Street Fighter Red Tape'

“Ken is more than a blonde, headband-less, red Ryu…right?” That’s the question posed by the newest “Street Fighter Red Tape” sketch on The Pete Holmes Show. Pete interrogates Ken Masters — played by Thomas Middleditch from the Vega sketch — about what makes him any different than the cooler Ryu. Middleditch does his best Keanu Reeves impression while trying to explain that he’s totally unique because his karate gi is red.

Between Pete’s difficulty in selling Dhalsim’s gimmick and his creeping out of Chun-Li, we’ll be surprised if there are any top-tier street fighters left to fight Ryu when this thing is over. Hopefully it will be Cammy, because we’d like to see her put Zack Morris in a leg lock.

Via Pete Holmes