Watch This Former Child Actor And Voice Of Charlie Brown Freak Out In A Courtroom

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If you’ve ever wanted to hear Charlie Brown freak out in open court, this is your lucky day. Peter Robbins, who voiced the beloved character in such gems as A Charlie Brown Christmas and It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, went hard as a mofo on a judge.

Robbins was in court to be sentenced on probation violations stemming from a 2013 conviction. The case was truly bizarre. Robbins pled guilty to felony stalking and criminal threats toward his girlfriend, Shawna Kern. and her plastic surgeon (who gave her breast implants).

At the time, the judge sentenced Robbins to a year in jail (with credit for time served), plus drug treatment, and five years of probation. Robbins didn’t make it through probation without boozing and trying to cut off his ankle monitor. He appeared in court after his attorney recommended a mental evaluation.

In this video, Robbins can be seen complaining about his public defender’s lack of mob connections before repeatedly yelling, “I’m firing him!” Then this happened:

“You just stick me in jail for 124 days. Do you have a conscience? Do you know I have not committed any crime? You revoke my probation, I revoke my criminal threat! I never threatened this woman in order for it to be a criminal threat. She has to believe I would kill her. I wouldn’t kill her. I have never had any violent behavior. That’s not a criminal threat! I want a new trial … Good luck to you! I hope you drop dead of a heart attack. You stupid @#(&(%*)%!!! … He’s roughing me up. He’s got a gun. Run for your lives!”

Former child actors, man. When Robbins was sentenced in 2013, he promised “this is the first step towards becoming the fun-loving, respectful person I was and hope to be again.” Sounds like someone had a change of heart.

(Via TMZ & CBS8)