Pictures of Aliens from ‘Falling Skies’

05.10.11 8 years ago 6 Comments

Back in March, I made this banner image of an alien from TNT’s “Falling Skies” by pulling a screen shot from the trailer. Now, a mere six weeks later, TV Line has a “first look” at the aliens from “Falling Skies.” What a scoop!

Falling Skies viewers will first meet the “regular” incarnation of the oppressive out-of-this-world species. Dubbed “skitters,” they basically look like a really angry praying mantis mated with a very spicy jumbo prawn — not pretty, superbly creepy, and near-indestructible.

But if you’re scouting out a possible food supply with scrappy survivor Noah Wyle, the alien invader you most want to avoid is called a “mech.” As you can surmise from our first-look photos, a mech — with its formidable armor, multiple laser sights and seemingly endless ammo supply — is not to be messed with.

You can see the two photos below. Despite the descriptions of different kinds of aliens, they look exactly like the mech from the trailer. Well, they’re not exactly alike. One picture is darker and looks slightly less like CGI.

It’s days like this when I wonder what it’s like to have a job that affects the world in a meaningful way.

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