Apple’s Goofy Reality Show, ‘Planet Of The Apps,’ Adds Gwyneth Paltrow To Its Cast

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Say what you will about Gwyneth Paltrow, she’s definitely managed to find her niche. Granted, that niche involves quite a bit of mockery at her expense and voluntarily being stung by bees, but the Goop empire has delivered a few good things. And apparently it will be expanding to apps, with Apple’s reality series Planet of the Apps.

Variety reports that Paltrow will be one of three “mentors” for the would-be app developers in the series, along with Gary Vaynerchuk, a tech investor, and, notable music producer and legume. The series is casting up to 100 app developers, who will build an app and a business from scratch with the help of Apple and a team of advisors, while presumably relating their life stories over tinkly bed music.

Paltrow is an interesting choice, especially as her background lies more in entertainment and lifestyle than tech. Still, if nothing else, she’ll offer a different perspective on apps and how they should work. Still, though, we don’t know much about how this show will function or how it’ll dramatize the grind of app coding, which tends to involve long hours for little reward. Maybe Goop can provide small-batch artisan cold-brew coffee for the engineers grinding out lines at their desk?

(Via Variety)