Please Watch These Pre-‘Nathan For You’ Clips Of Nathan Fielder On Canadian Television

05.20.13 8 Comments

Between the terrific first season of his Comedy Central show, Nathan for You (which I will continue mentioning until all of you break down and watch it), the plane stunt that the network wouldn’t let him do, and his diabolical Twitter pranks, Nathan Fielder has basically become my favorite person. So when someone tipped me off that a ton of his old clips from the television series This Hour Has 22 Minutes — sort of a Canadian version of The Daily Show — were on YouTube, I blocked out the next hour and pounded straight through them. I assure you, they do not disappoint.


The YouTube channel for This Hour Has 22 Minutes has restricted all the videos so they can’t be embedded, which means I can only post the one clip Fielder uploaded to his own channel, where he goes shopping for an mp3 player. This is infuriating. You can find the full playlist here, and you should definitely watch all the clips because they are hilarious (my favorite is probably the lie detector one, but then again, I’m a sucker for lie detector-related comedy), but when you’re done you should also cut the letters “T-H-I-S I-S H-O-R-S-E-S-H-I-T” out of a magazine, paste them to a piece of paper, and mail the whole thing to Canada. They’ll know what you’re talking about.

Thanks to @packsmack for the tip

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