Can You Name The Most Popular TV Show Set In Your State?

Off the top of your head, can you name the most popular TV show ever set in each American state? New York has Seinfeld and New Jersey has The Sopranos, and there are a few other obvious ones. But dig deeper (and head west), and things get a lot tougher. What about Wyoming? Montana? Idaho?

Business Insider aimed to answer the question for every state, with the result being the map below. There’s obviously plenty of subjectivity at play here, as BI factored in longevity, audience and critical acclaim (based on IMDB/Metacritic data), awards, and “lasting impact on American culture an television.” They even (valiantly) aimed to not use any reality shows, although Iowa screwed that up.

[H/T Slate; Image via Mike Nudelman/Business Insider]